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The Vision

Good Food, Made Simple.

Crento was founded by industry professionals with years of experience in hospitality. The idea was to create a place that puts an emphasis on good, simple Italian food and uses fresh ingredients and well seasoned, freshly cooked dishes to stand out from the crowd. Since opening our doors in July 2019 we have grown to be one of the most popular Italian restaurants on the Northern Beaches despite the obvous challenges presented by the pandemic, and aim to continue this growth long into the future by opening multiple locations. Because of the owners extensive experience in the industry the goal of Crento was to create a restaurant that supports its staff, customers and owners equally through honesty, transparency and great food, and we would not be where we are today without the support of our amazing staff and customers. We are always open to new ideas and feedback and would love for you to share in our vision by providing honest feedback at any time to our staff which will always be passed on in earnest to the owners.

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The Menu

Italian food for everyone.

The belief of Crento is that Italian food should be accessible for everybody. Though not always possible we do everything we can to cater for all dietary requirements, and this is easier for us than most restaurants as all our dishes are cooked and seasoned to order (with the exception of our homemade slow cooked sauces). We cater for vegans, gluten free, alcohol free and dairy free customers, and though we can never 100% guarantee there will be no allergens present (due to sourcing ingredients from a range of suppliers and our small kitchen), our team does everything possible to ensure the food is cooked and handled safely and away from any potential contaminants. Almost our whole menu can be done with gluten free alternatives, and as of July 2021 we are offering vegan "cheese" on pizzas free of charge for anybody who needs it. As we always say, Italian food should be for everybody.

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The Pandemic

The pandemic and our position

Opening a restaurant in July 2019 nobody could have foreseen that a pandemic would sweep the world less than 6 months after. Now two years on we have adapted and grown throughout it, which has shaped large parts of how our business operates. Luckily shortly before the pandemic we received a 5* health and safety rating from the Scores on Doors program, and we maintained this level of cleanliness while working to ensure we follow all recommended protocols for the safety of our staff and customers, something we will continue to do in these uncertain times. We also redesigned our entire restaurant layout to create a larger space between each table, and trained the staff in additional cleaning processes. For anybody who would like to know more about what we do please don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff, and we can accommodate to your needs including delivering food to your car or utilising our built in delivery window. Our final adaptation was the owners blog which was introduced during the first lockdown to keep our customers informed and help the community understand the challenges of running a small business at this time, this is available below for anybody interested and is updated now every month or so with some more insights into the challenges.

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