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Another Day

I almost didn't have time to post today, so will make it short. Today was filled with more positivity after seeing the support of the local Northern Beaches community coming together. I finally managed to organise our online ordering system and program the POS (point of sale) system to work with it. After a mad rush to get it ready we opened up and the orders started coming in, some from friends and some from our loyal customers. Once we got a few we were told it was not working properly, so after another hour during service and multiple phone calls I managed to get it up and running, which was a huge relief.

With all our orders and what could be considered a very successful night (despite only doing 1/4 of what we usually would on a Friday) we ended up running out of pizza bases only halfway through service, a lesson learned and we will be preparing lots more for tomorrow. The most amazing thing to come from tonight was that because we got enough orders I have been able to offer a shift tomorrow to one of our most loyal casual workers who found himself out of work. I know a couple of hours will not be much to help him during this time as he has gone from 24 hours a week to 0 with very little notice, but at least it is a start. The support from the community has given me hope that perhaps we will be able to offer more shifts to our staff if we can continue to grow our new business model over time. The staff that I am desperately trying to support at the moment are those who cannot claim centrelink but desperately need to support themselves. For tonight I thank all those who came in and ordered from us, at the moment it means the world to those of us who are working in the industry and the glimmer of hope that has been provided is a rare ray of sunshine in a dark time for the industry and so many others all around the country.

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