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I keep trying to find the time to write in this blog but am so busy with keeping the restaurant running at the moment I barely find myself with time to get my admin work done. Luckily this is what makes this industry such an interesting one to be working in, that every day is different.

The last few weeks since we opened for dine in have been as good as I could possibly hope for. This week we had every single 6pm seat booked out by Sunday and had 2 full sittings booked on Friday and Saturday at the same time. It is incredibly rewarding to see people enjoying the experience that we have poured our heart and sole into for the last few months, even if both myself and my partner have yet to receive any financial benefit from it (though we both hope this will come soon enough). It is not to say though that it doesn't take its toll, and I find myself balancing my time between admin, cooking pans, pizza or front of house. Luckily my whole career has been building to this point and so I have been training in all areas up until now.

I recently discovered that the northern beaches small business awards exist, and am soon going to be campaigning to get us votes for this. Though I doubt we will make it as a finalist, and even more so that we could go the distance I believe it is always good to strive for excellence. Unfortunately I registered us in the restaurant category before discovering that there was a separate category for pizza restaurants, or for new businesses. That being said if we can push for plenty of votes this might be a benefit to us if we do make it past the initial round. If anybody is reading this (I know there are not many of you) I would sincerely appreciate you taking the time to vote for us by heading to this https://thebusinessawards.com.au/business/53849/Crento-Italian-Restaurant link. I will be pushing this more and more over the coming weeks in the hope that we can aim for some recognition of the hard work that not only myself and my partner have put in, but also the hard work of the staff who have been with us since we opened and been so dedicated throughout COVID.

We are looking forward to opening for even more people soon and cant wait until things are back to normal. At least until then we have an exclusive dining experience for all those who come in, and hopefully will grow to become one of the most recognisable restaurants on the northern beaches. Below is another video that I always enjoy creating as it is a welcome break from the other hard work and allows me to relax for a few minutes while I do.

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