The End of the Beginning

As I'm sure any of the few readers of this blog have realised, I have been unable to keep up with it as much as I would like due to my main focus being on ensuring we keep upgrading and improving to achieve our goal of being the best Italian Restaurant chain on the northern beaches, and eventually in Sydney. I have had to face the hard truth that I simply will not have time to maintain this as an owners blog, especially in the face of our potential expansion over the next few months. As a result it will be converting to a latest news section of our website, which (though usually written by me personally) will be able to be contributed to by other people, and allow my focus to remain on ensuring we serve the best pizza, pasta and everything else in Sydney!

It is with this though that I'd like to sincerely thank anybody who took the time to read these during what has been by far the most challenging few years of my life, and I will ensure to contribute periodical personal posts mixed in with the new news section (that goes well with our new website). I'd like to thank everybody who has been supporting us, though we are not out of the woods yet, and have made an incredibly bold decision to try and open a new restaurant in Glebe (hopefully more details to come soon!), we are still on the brink of survival and have only managed to stay alive because of the incredible community, which is still true to this day.

Soon we have many new exciting things coming which will be the fruits of our labour over the last few months, not only the website but our new integrated loyalty program, new menu with more share options and our very delayed (but hopefully worth it) new drinks list. We will also be streamlining our gift vouchers, and have already improved all our online systems to help get the food to you faster and easier. Finally we are investing heavily in new equipment to hopefully get the food to you faster but just as fresh and delicious! I can't wait to see what the future holds, and am so grateful for all those that have been sharing this journey with us all.

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