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Third Time Lucky

Despite my best efforts it seems my time is equally split between cooking the food and keeping the administration side afloat with very little time for myself, my partner or the other side of the business such as advertising or social media. With a third lockdown though the silver lining is the time to catch up on all of these things, though yet again the timing could not be worse for us. It seems every time as we recover from one lockdown we are thrust into another with no warning whatsoever, putting immense pressure on our staff and owners.

Luckily this time we are better prepared, and have taken the gamble to keep most of our essential staff employed with as many shifts as possible to help keep them above water. As long as the lockdown is only two weeks as promised, this will be the right decision as even though it damages the business financially it helps reaffirm our mantra that this is to support the staff as much as anybody else, and as long as we survive I am confident it will be worthwhile.

Since my last post we have also been selected as a finalist again in the Northern Beaches Local Business awards, one of the few Italian or Pizza restaurants that have done so for two years in a row. Though the competition is fierce and we know our chances are low like last year, it is a good opportunity for us to reflect on how we can continue improving until we hit that benchmark. We have also put our name forward for the R&CA awards for excellence this year and hope to make the finals of this as well, though again we do not necessarily expect to win it is another great motivator for both the owners and staff to keep going and keep pushing to eventually be the best Italian restaurant on the Northern Beaches.

As the hunt continues for some new staff to help us continue our expansion despite challenging circumstances and the obvious risks of doing so during what seems like a never ending pandemic we seem to keep getting closer to our goal of opening a second restaurant, though it is still on the horizon it is within sight and with hard work and dedication is something all of us can believe in to fulfil our goal of creating a chain that supports as many people as possible in a notoriously unrewarding industry.

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